This Is Leuwi Tonjong, The Beautiful River In Outback Of Garut City

As we have stated earlier, that Garut is one of the City in West Java, most of its territory is surrounded by mountains. The beautiful natural atmosphere, for anyone visiting this city, will feel comfortable and comfortable.

In some previous articles, we have covered some natural attractions, which exist in this city. Like mountains, beaches, and also waterfalls. But apparently in addition to nature tourism, there are also other natural attractions inGarut City, which is currently known. That natural tourism is called Leuwi Tonjong.

This Is Leuwi Tonjong, The Heaven In Outback Of Garut City

The name of Leuwi comes from Sundanese, which means river. So Leuwi Tonjong means Tonjong River. Leuwi Tonjong itself is a flow of the Cihurip river, which has a uniqueness flanked by two cliffs, as high as 90 to 210 meters. The location of this natural attractions is located in the area of Jayamukti Village, District Cihurip, Garut.

Leuwi Tonjong presents a quite refreshing scene. This place has a small waterfall, and also a natural water pool with shallow depths. The beautiful surrounding scenery, making Leuwi Tonjong has its own charm, which can make anyone want to linger here.

This Is Leuwi Tonjong, The Beautiful River In Outback Of Garut City

The location is quite hidden, making access to Leuwi Tonjong, quite difficult. A few kilometers before reaching the location, you have to take a fairly narrow, rocky, steep, and a quite uphill path. Facilities at Leuwi Tonjong, including toilets and food stalls. However, because this one tourist spot is quite new, then the existing facilities can be fairly inadequate.

So, for anyone who likes to visit some new places, Leuwi Tonjong became one of the natural attractions, that we recommend for you to visit. But have to remember for keep the cleanliness of this location.

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